Epiphany WOW! – Rising Water

presentation of studio residency

10th February 2019 at Ausland, Berlin

Theresa Stroetges – Viola, Synth, Voice
Jana Sotzko – Drums, Trombone, Synth
Loretta Myr -Samples, Keytar, Noisebastard
Janine Eisenächer – Sounding Objects
DuChamp – Guitar, Organ
Tellavision – Loops, Synth
Helen Heß – Virtual Voices, Electronics
Katorina Pling – Installation, Space
Robert Brandes -Visuals and Objects
Or Safati – Projections
Mo / Aiko Okamoto – Visuals

projection on the ceiling with dots, lines, abstract forms in green and pinktransperent balls with some blue ink in water for overhead projectorProjection on the ceiling with some line stones, Theresa standing below with her keyboardHelen with machines on left, DuChamps with guitar on right behind. In the middle triangle projection screen with Face of Aiko

Photos: Sadaf Vasaei, Aiko Okamoto, Robert Brandes (Videostill)

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